Documentation of the webDO3SE REST interface

A web-service for stomatal ozone fluxes, based on the DO3SE model. More information on the model:

1 Base URL

The base URL of this service:

2 User Guide

Response: Description and documentation of service (this document)

3 Queries and options

There are options for station id, species and year.

Example query:

Response: The outputs resemble the outputs of the DO3SE GUI described by SEI York.

More options:

  • Station code can be any found in the TOAR-II database
  • Species can be one of "wheat", "maize", "potato", "birch", "beech", "spruce"
  • Year can be any in the range from 2006 to 2021 (provided that ozone data are available for this station and year)

4 Response format

Only json responses are available.